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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 1 Review and Reactions

Roger shares his thoughts about the first episode of the new series.

Has Nostalgia Tainted Our View Of Sailor Moon?

As the highly anticipated premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal approaches, Roger ponders if the original series is really the ground breaking anime it is considered to be today.

Synk;yet 1st Full Album “The Graceful Savior” on Sale August 20, 2014

VK hard rockers, Synk;yet are set to release their very first full length album. Continue reading

Velvet Eden To Release A New DVD

All new video collection of the legendary Japanese goth band’s work will be presents on this new DVD. Continue reading

LIV’ERT New Single “D.I.S” On Sale July 30, 2014

Brand new VK metal band set to release their debut single. Continue reading

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