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The 2nd Annual Children’s Reality Telethon Dec. 19

Our landmark charity event is back for a 2nd year of fun and games, as we try to raise $2000 for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! Continue reading

K-Stomp Ends The Summer With A Monster K-Pop Celebration August 29th

Don’t let summer end with out throwing down at the Baltimore region’s only monthly K-pop club party! Continue reading

Syokudaikakkokai 2nd maxi single “Kimi o Kaden ni Shite Ageru (I’ll Make You an Appliance)” on sale August 26, 2015

Radical Starwave band, Syokudaikakkokai, to release a new single later this month! Continue reading

Get Otakon Started Right With K-Stomp on July 23rd

Tainted Reality brings it’s hit club party back to Baltimore, just in time for Otakon! Continue reading

Misaruka WDP Limited DVD “World Domination Project” Exclusively Released To Starwave Records Online Store and Live Venues

A new side project from 2 of the members of Misaruka is set to take the VK world by storm! Continue reading

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