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Rose Noire New EP “Sanctuary” On Sale January 21

Gothic neo classical artists Rose Noire to release a more rock oriented EP, with a support bassist and drummer, this January! Continue reading

Tainted Reality Goes To BabyMetal in NYC!

The east coast finally gets a taste of BabyMetal, and Tainted Reality was there! Continue reading

Next Kabuki Stomp To Be A Vocaloid Party on November 21

Kabuki Stomp, Tainted Reality’s Monthly Club Party Held In Baltimore, Evolves This November! Continue reading

THE SOUND BEE HD To Release New EP “Dawn Of The Dead” on January 14th

With former lix and Suicide Ali guitarist Yuu picking up for departed guitarist Kazuha, THE SOUND BEE HD are set to release an all new EP! Continue reading

Starwave Records Creates New Sub-Label To Support New Band, @Loid

With a brand new sub-lable, Starwave Records is set to push their newest artist, @loid! Continue reading

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